Child Care, House Cleaners, Personal Chefs, What Are Your Support Systems?

By Nicole Mangina | Nov 10, 2008

The personal chef may be a stretch, but what systems do you have in place at home to help you succeed in your business?  The reality is that no one can do it all themselves so stick to what you are good at and outsource the rest.  Spending 3 hours with a client is time much…

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What Are You Reading?

By Nicole Mangina | Nov 5, 2008

If we will be the same tomorrow as we are today except for the places we go, the people we meet and the books we read, what are you reading today to affect who you will be tomorrow? Here are some of my favorites: ~ The Master Key System by Charles Haanel (great tools and exercies…

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What Are Your Struggles?

By Nicole Mangina | Nov 4, 2008

We want to hear about them.  Weather it is the juggling act, getting traction in your business, finding time for yourself, feeling like you are connected to your spouse and kids, the list goes on, I know.  The intention of the blog is to be a sounding board so that other people can chime in…

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How Do You Stay Focused?

By Nicole Mangina | Nov 3, 2008

We are all juggling lots of things so I want to know what you do to make it all happen. I remember when I was pregnant one of my girlfriends, Kim Killgore, told me that I might get forgetful so to put everything down in a list and then put all of my energy into remembering…

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