Trust The Process

Trust Wooden Letterpress ConceptIt’s almost Christmas, and I’m spending the weekend with Gary and the boys taking in the sights downtown Seattle. I love these last 2 weeks of the year. Everything turns inward as the focus shifts from work to family, rest and relaxation.

Just like anyone else who runs their own business though, taking time off comes with a bit of angst. That little voice in the back of my head who says I should be “doing something” work related. I have to keep the train rolling.

Taking time off means that we have to trust the process, and that new clients will continue to show up.

This came up in our last mentorship session, and is the perfect mantra for the next few weeks.

At the time we were talking about making calls and wondering if they were doing any good. In that moment, you have 2 choices. You can focus on the doubt, which will spin you into a cul-de-sac of indecision and inaction. Or you can relax into it and trust the process.

*As we went around the table for a check in, those that trusted the process and made their calls had amazing success stories. Stories of new listings, million dollar buyers, and more. All from reaching out and connecting with their clients.

If you trust the process, and do core activities, the results will come. Guaranteed.

It’s consistency that makes them work, though. And that consistency will create momentum that allows you to take time off.

The tricky part with any system is that just like planting a garden, there is a time between when you plant the seed and it comes up through the ground where you wonder if it’s working.

This is where most agents give up.

Now is the time to trust the process. Stop trying to make it harder. Take a deep breath and know that you can do this.

If you need help with your process, I’ve got 2 great options for you:

Business Planning Webinar: Join me Tuesday, January 5th from 1-2 to map our your amazing year.

Mentorship: The Mentorhsip group was such a success, and so much fun that we are doing it again in 2016. If you need accountability, systems, and a deeper dive into your business then click here for more info and to join the fun.

To your success!

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